Pretzel Crusted Chicken Skewers with Buffalo Ranch Dip

I think my father could’ve used a son.


I’m not saying that he doesn’t love my sister, me and my two stepsisters dearly, but he’s a man’s man. My father loves fishing, golfing, NASCAR, and bowling. As a father to four girls, my dad had to play with our Barbies, help paint our nails, and occasionally listen to our ‘perfect’ rendition of Ricky Martin’s “Livin’ La Vida Loca”. Sorry Dad!


Although my dad put up with a lot of girly-stuff, he did teach me how to fish and bowl. Some of my favorite memories with my father are Sundays in October, November, and December: Football Season. I love football season more than a lot of other things.


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Pumpkin Spice Muddy Buddies

Happy Monday, everyone! Fall is in full swing here in Connecticut. Although it’s been difficult to completely enjoy my weekends, I have been enjoying some autumn activities and baking. 


A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I went up to the Big E. For those of you who are not from New England, the Big E is the biggest fairgrounds in New England. This fair is opened from the middle of September until the first week in October. You can find any type of fried food imaginable. Joshua and I stayed away from the fried food though. We settled for the Maine Baked Potato! So delicious. 

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Oatmeal Pumpkin Chip Cookies

Fall is in the air! Only one more week until the beginning of my most favorite season of the year. Each year, I create a to-do list of every fall activity that I want to immerse myself in. Most years, I am able to get almost all of my activities accomplished. Joshua loves to get involved with my list as well and often adds great ideas to our accumulating adventures. We’ve been so busy focusing on our jobs as well as updating his starter home, but we are making time for fun-tivities.


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No Bake Cookies and Cream Bars

Hello everyone! I’ve missed you all. Life has gotten extremely crazy, but don’t fear, I’m still baking, cooking, and drinking my experiments. I promise that you’ll see more of me, but as you know, I have been busy getting ready for my first full-time teaching job. If you follow me on IG, you know that I haven’t quite given up my Starbucks gig either! I worked this morning. All I’m going to say is have mercy on your favorite Starbucks baristas. We do the best job we can when there are lines in Drive Thru and the lobby.


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Spicy Cilantro Lime Hummus

Change. It’s something that I’m constantly struggling to process and accept. On the outside, I’m generally calm and collected, but inside my brain is on overload. “What ifs” puddle my mind. Worst-case scenarios muddle my positivity. I have a hard time talking about change, so it’s usually Niagra Falls waterworks on Joshua’s shoulder when I face my fears about change. Cry it out.


In the past few years, I’ve been dealt my fair share of change. I graduated college, met new friends, greeted new babies into the family, and received new and challenging adventures. Most of these changes have been positive, but my heart still gets a little flustered to have to say goodbye to memories and places that are no longer a part of my life. 

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Blueberry Loaf

I had the pleasure of meeting some really great people this weekend! I’m lucky to have a boyfriend whose family includes me in their adventures. His mother is a sweetheart and I’d had some of the best experiences making jams, cannolis, and fruit filling with her. She’s even mentioned pasta making! I’m all for that.


This past weekend, Joshua and I were talking about going blueberry picking because it was the last weekend to “Pick-Your-Own”. Joshua’s mom had the same idea as we did, so we ended up meeting her and her friend, Ginger, for a day of picking.


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Coconut Graham Lime Bars (Gluten Free)

Hi everybody! So, I totally meant to bake and share this recipe with you last week. It just didn’t happen. I worked the rest of the work week after getting back from Florida and by the end of the day, all I wanted to do was nap. In other words, I apologize for not getting this recipe out earlier because it’s darn good.


A few years ago when I went to visit my grandparents on the east coast of Florida, we went to this tavern-like restaurant. Well, dessert came with the meal and I decided to try something new to me. Key Lime Pie. Holy moly. I fell in love with the tartness of the custard and the sweetness of the graham cracker crust. Love at first bite if you will.


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M&M Mini Chocolate Cookies

As some of you might have seen, I went on a little vacation this past weekend to Tampa. My best friend, her husband, and their puppy, Anyong, live in the sunny state of Florida. For those of you who watch The Weather Channel or live in Florida, you understand that Florida has not been so sunny recently. During my five day stay, it was only sunny for about five hours of my trip. I didn’t mind though. Olivia came up with a long list of day trips and delicious treats that I needed to try. Many “firsts” were created this weekend.


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Chocolate Chip Banana Breakfast Cake

Once upon a time in the land of Starbucks, there was this yummy, moist, perfectly sweet coffee cake; but then, Starbucks reinvented itself and to many baristas’ dismay, the reduced fat banana chocolate chip coffee cake disappeared forever.


I am a person who tries not to fall in love with products. It’s tough not to because let’s be honest, the world is full of amazing things. My problem is that I’m stuck in my ways, so when my favorite perfume that I have come to adore vanishes after years of wearing it, I’m devastated. When Caribou Coffee discontinued their granola bar brand, I was upset for weeks (maybe I still am a little).  When the band that I’ve listened to forever suddenly has a falling out and leaves me pining for more. The cut is deep. The cut is very deep.


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Roasted Garlic and Rosemary Potatoes



Happy Weekend! I hope everyone is enjoying their time off. The weather in Connecticut is currently overcast and humid. Bleh. This means that I probably will not spend much time outside swimming or gardening. Instead, I plan on drinking multiple cups of coffee and maybe partaking in a nice workout at the gym. Tomorrow, I made plans to do a bunch of canning with Joshua’s mother. We’re going to make some pie fillings and jams. How fun is that? If you’ve never canned anything before, I encourage you to try. It’s so fun and slightly messy. Jams and jellies make perfect gifts around the holidays as well. They’re extremely personal.


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