Cilantro Vodka Limeade

Cilantro Vodka Limeade



Two summers ago, my friend, Jessica, had a bonfire at her house. In the summer, it’s tradition to have at least a few bonfires at Jess’s house. Her backyard is huge and the fire pit is perfect for a crowd. Usually, the Starbucks crew will show up with snacks (there are always snacks) and beverages. We catch up on each others lives and laugh A LOT! There is usually a heart-to-heart by the end of the night as well. Jess really should be a mixologist. She is just as creative as me and makes some delicious cocktails. One drink in particular that shouts summer is her Cilantro Vodka Limeade. On this summer night, two years ago, I tasted this beverage for the first time and was absolutely in love.


Jess loves from scratch recipes. She never ever buys powdered lemonade or limeade mix; she purchases lemons and limes and stirs in the sugar and water to create pour bliss in a class. I haven’t had powdered lemonade since Jess introduced me to this method. It’s perfection.


So, I was skeptical at first when she told me about Cilantro Vodka. Wait, what? They make that? It’s probably really strange. Cilantro has a very distinct flavor. I don’t know if your judgment is right, Jess?


But then, I tasted it with the limeade and my perspective changed. The cilantro vodka compliments the limeade in a beautiful way. I could probably drink about ten of these…but then I’d be on the floor, so I’ll stick to one or two.


Cilantro vodka limeade is my favorite spring and summer drink. It’s refreshing and pairs really well with spicy foods. If you’re not a tequila drinker, this beverage would be perfect for a Cinco de Mayo celebration.


If you’re still a skeptic about cilantro vodka, try it! I don’t know how it would be on it’s own, but it’s perfect in limeade. 🙂






Cilantro Vodka Limeade


    Homemade Limeade
  • 3-1/2 cups water
  • 1-1/2 cup granulated sugar
  • 1 cup lime juice (approximately 12 fresh limes or lime juice from concentrate)
  • 6 cups cubed ice
    Cilantro Vodka Limeade
  • 7 ounces limeade
  • 1 ounce cilantro lime vodka
  • 1 or 2 stems of cilantro
  • 2-3 ice cubes (or as many as you want, heck, it's a party)


  1. In a medium pot, over medium-high heat, stir water and sugar until sugar has dissolved. Add lime juice and stir for another few minutes. Remove from heat and let limeade cool.
  2. Fill a pitcher with cubed ice. Pour limeade over ice once cooled. Serve with fresh lime slices.
  3. Measure shot of cilantro vodka into glass. Pour limeade over vodka and stir. Add addition cubed ice and stems of cilantro. Enjoy
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Written by Miss Scrambled Egg

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