Travel Talk: Part II With Miss Scrambled Egg

Summer is absolutely the time for fireworks, cookouts, and relaxation. There’s nothing better than kicking back on an inflatable raft and lounging in the pool all afternoon; however, for me, the summer also means picking up hours at Starbucks and slaving away over the cold beverage station (aka keeping the Frappuccino crazed civilians at bay).


So, before I jumped straight from my teaching job to tying up my apron strings at Starbucks, Joshua and I decided to take a week’s vacation to Maine. Wondering why I was M.I.A. this week? You might have seen a few of my posts on Instagram, which revolved around wine, beer, and salad. Balanced diet, right? Another reason for my absence on the blog was a combination of no internet at my family’s house in Maine and being without a camera. That’s right. I went a whole week with only my iPhone camera while anxiously waiting to hear if my new one had arrived at home in Connecticut. Luckily, I arrived home last night to see a giant package and my new camera inside. I really cannot wait to start using it.


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