Side Salads

Cucumber Tomato Salad

It finally feels like summer! I do have one more week of school, but this past weekend was full of summertime activities like the Dave Matthews Band Concert on Friday night, strawberry picking and baking on Saturday, and a beautiful day on Sunday including a run around my neighborhood and reading by the pool. This is what it feels like to not feel so uptight and stressed out. I forgot.


There’s nothing I love more than a summertime barbecue. The smells are enough to get me running for the grill with an empty plate while holding an ice cold beer in the other hand. Because it’s been beautiful in the evenings, my boyfriend and I made chicken kabobs on Saturday night upon his brainstorming request. The marinade I used for the chicken was very similar to the cilantro lime dressing that I created for the pasta salad. Joshua stated, “I would drink the rest of this if there wasn’t raw chicken sitting in it for a few ours”. I’m pretty sure there are perks to being the significant other of a food blogger and barista.


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