Greek Salad Pita

Let me first start by wishing everyone a Happy New Year! What did you do for the holiday? Anything fun or crazy? My New Year’s Eve was extremely laid back. Joshua and I cooked up some pizzas made with Portland Pie Dough and binge watched some episodes of Psych. Because we are all caught up on our favorite television programs (The Walking DeadGame of ThronesAmerican Horror Story), we have resorted to throwing it back to 2006. 2006 had some pretty hilarious comedies out on cable: The OfficeMonk, and Psych. But, I digress. Our holiday was quiet, and we fell asleep by 10:30 PM. We didn’t even attempt to keep our eyes open for the ball to drop. Oh well.


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Berry Quinoa Salad Cups

A couple of weeks ago, I was caught off guard when I received one specific email. We were still on vacation in Maine (take me back!) and I wasn’t furiously checking my phone as much as I do when I’m home. I opened my inbox one morning on our trip and received a message from the Oregon Raspberry and Blackberry Commission. They kindly asked me to create a salad recipe using their berries because they had seen my lemon sugar cookies with Marionberry frosting. I was honored and gladly accepted the challenge.


I thought my love for berries was insane, but I think the good folks over at the Raspberry and Blackberry Commission have me beat. Through local festivals, informational articles, and relationships with schools, the ORBC celebrates healthy living and innovative ways to use their berries. Pretty cool, huh?


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Sweet Blackberry Salad

I’ve had a busy few days meaning that I teach until around two o’clock then bustle over to Starbucks for an evening shift. Everyone wants Frappuccinos and I can’t really blame them. It’s sunny out and Frappuccinos generally put a smile on people’s faces. I generally stay away from Frapps because they’re loaded with sugar and they’re a pain to make, but I did try a sample size of the S’mores one and I’m in love. Marshmallow whipped cream. Graham cracker crumbs. Milk chocolate sauce. Keep it together, Erin. Keep it together.


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