Blueberry Loaf

I had the pleasure of meeting some really great people this weekend! I’m lucky to have a boyfriend whose family includes me in their adventures. His mother is a sweetheart and I’d had some of the best experiences making jams, cannolis, and fruit filling with her. She’s even mentioned pasta making! I’m all for that.


This past weekend, Joshua and I were talking about going blueberry picking because it was the last weekend to “Pick-Your-Own”. Joshua’s mom had the same idea as we did, so we ended up meeting her and her friend, Ginger, for a day of picking.


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Strawberry Coconut Cream Cheese Bread

Strawberry season is in full swing here in Connecticut. Last weekend, my boyfriend and I visited a local farm to pick our own strawberries. It was hot, so hot that I was sweating profusely. Not cute. But, we had success. The strawberries were smaller than usual, but tasty nonetheless. 

We picked over nine pounds of berries and my mind started churning with all of the delicious recipes that I wanted to create. Joshua was my helper. He’s a great prep chef. We made strawberry margaritas, Alice’s Blueberry Banana Bread (with strawberries inside of blueberries), a strawberry-rhubarb pie, and strawberry coconut cream cheese bread. 

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