Beer Bus Tours and Weekend Getaways

Beer Bus Tours and Weekend Getaways

Having a significant other who is not an educator can be difficult when planning vacations. It means long weekend getaways as well as arranging longer holidays far in advanced. I am an individual who loves experiences. I’d rather receive a gift that involves dinner and a movie or a day trip to the beach than to get a material object. So, when Valentine’s Day came around this year, I made a homemade card and told the boyfriend that we were heading up to Maine for a weekend adventure during the last week of February. He was surprised by the gesture as it was unexpected gift, but also a mini vacation away from home.

The trip revolved around an event called The Maine Brew Bus. We visited four breweries in Portland including: Allagash, Bissell Brothers, Sebago, and Rising Tide. I’m a little bias because I love Belgian style beers, so if you asked me I’d have to say that Allagash was my favorite brewery of the four. They experiment with wild and sour yeast strains and allow all of their employees to submit new beer recipes.


Allagash Barrel Room

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