2015 June

Crustless Caprese Quiche

After a full week of celebrating summer in all the festivities that come along with vacation, my body needs a little bit of a break. Does your body ever crave vegetables and fruits? Mine does especially after a week of drinking beer and devouring cheese.


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Travel Talk: Part II With Miss Scrambled Egg

Summer is absolutely the time for fireworks, cookouts, and relaxation. There’s nothing better than kicking back on an inflatable raft and lounging in the pool all afternoon; however, for me, the summer also means picking up hours at Starbucks and slaving away over the cold beverage station (aka keeping the Frappuccino crazed civilians at bay).


So, before I jumped straight from my teaching job to tying up my apron strings at Starbucks, Joshua and I decided to take a week’s vacation to Maine. Wondering why I was M.I.A. this week? You might have seen a few of my posts on Instagram, which revolved around wine, beer, and salad. Balanced diet, right? Another reason for my absence on the blog was a combination of no internet at my family’s house in Maine and being without a camera. That’s right. I went a whole week with only my iPhone camera while anxiously waiting to hear if my new one had arrived at home in Connecticut. Luckily, I arrived home last night to see a giant package and my new camera inside. I really cannot wait to start using it.


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Lemon S’mores Bars

Yesterday, I attended a local music festival near my hometown. It rained all morning and we feared that we’d be stuck in a wet, windy disaster, but by 2 o’clock p.m. the sun was shining and the breeze was perfect. I’ve never been to a big music festival like SXSW or Bonnaroo, but I totally would go just to watch all of the odd and beautiful people who attend. Do you enjoy people watching? I could do it for hours.


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Strawberry Coconut Cream Cheese Bread

Strawberry season is in full swing here in Connecticut. Last weekend, my boyfriend and I visited a local farm to pick our own strawberries. It was hot, so hot that I was sweating profusely. Not cute. But, we had success. The strawberries were smaller than usual, but tasty nonetheless. 

We picked over nine pounds of berries and my mind started churning with all of the delicious recipes that I wanted to create. Joshua was my helper. He’s a great prep chef. We made strawberry margaritas, Alice’s Blueberry Banana Bread (with strawberries inside of blueberries), a strawberry-rhubarb pie, and strawberry coconut cream cheese bread. 

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Cucumber Tomato Salad

It finally feels like summer! I do have one more week of school, but this past weekend was full of summertime activities like the Dave Matthews Band Concert on Friday night, strawberry picking and baking on Saturday, and a beautiful day on Sunday including a run around my neighborhood and reading by the pool. This is what it feels like to not feel so uptight and stressed out. I forgot.


There’s nothing I love more than a summertime barbecue. The smells are enough to get me running for the grill with an empty plate while holding an ice cold beer in the other hand. Because it’s been beautiful in the evenings, my boyfriend and I made chicken kabobs on Saturday night upon his brainstorming request. The marinade I used for the chicken was very similar to the cilantro lime dressing that I created for the pasta salad. Joshua stated, “I would drink the rest of this if there wasn’t raw chicken sitting in it for a few ours”. I’m pretty sure there are perks to being the significant other of a food blogger and barista.


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Mexican Pasta Salad

“The space between the tears we cry is the laughter that keeps us coming back for more.”
As most of you beautiful people know, this week has been one of celebration as well as grief. As I am preparing for a wonderful night with good friends and jam band music, this specific Dave Matthews Band quotation comes to mind. Despite the fact that I have seen sadness in it’s rawest form this week, I have also made room for laughter at the sight of my cousin’s daughter shrieking with pure joy and the union of my step sister and her lovely other half, Joe.
I was not a Dave Matthews Band fan in high school. I listened to a lot of musicals and Christian pop music. Although I still do listen to musicals and am currently fangirling over how perfect the “Fun Home” soundtrack is, I have expanded my listening choices over the years. My friends have had a huge influence on my new favorite bands.

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GG’s Famous Snickerdoodles

On this early morning in June, I want to discuss some individuals who are near and dear to my heart: my grandmothers. I have two fabulous grandmothers who are some of the most lively and experienced women that I know. Throughout the years, my grandmothers taught me about respect, selflessness, and creativity. Although they are different in many ways, yet my grandmothers both know their way around a kitchen, a golf course, and a church.


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Cherry Almond Smoothie

I can’t believe how fast this weekend went by. There have been such a range of emotions this weekend from nervous to blissfully happy to utterly sad. My brain is on “do” mode. In other words, I’m going through the motions and trying to keep it together, but I know that very soon, I am going to collapse from exhaustion.


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Vanilla Birthday Cupcakes

I think I’m losing my mind. It’s close to the end of the school year, and I have about a million things to celebrate. Seriously gang, my stepsister is marrying one rad dude, which means I get to attend the rehearsal dinner tomorrow and celebrate newlyweds on Friday night. But wait, there’s more. On Saturday, my cousin’s sweet babygirl will be one! Where has this year gone? Little Amaya is celebrating her birthday with a bounce house (don’t worry, I already asked if I could jump around!), a wallaby, and sweets provided by yours truly.


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Banana Split Baked French Toast

Summer is quickly approaching and I can hardly wait. One of the perks of being an educator is the summer vacation. Although I have a part time job at Starbucks, in the summer months, I mostly sleep in a little later, frequent hiking paths, and rest my mind and body.


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